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Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Karl Swanepoel, a young entrepreneur based in Hertfordshire, UK.

From childhood I have always been creative, and always liked creating things; from art to costumes, to when I was twelve years old and I taught myself how to use Photoshop from scratch. I have always been a very motivated and driven person, and when I was fifteen years old I started my first online business, a website like Fiverr but allowing users to have a larger selection of price ranges. Within two weeks of launch, I used my social media marketing knowledge to grow that website to over 1,000 members, turning over four figures in the first month.

About 8 months after launch, I sold this highly successful website to an Indian investment company, and that same month I was featured on the world famous entrepreneurial blog, Evan Carmichael twice. I started to get recognition on twitter and in the online marketing community, and just one month later I was invited to be an Ambassador for Europe’s largest business event, The Great British Business Show. This involved working hand in hand with Prysm Marketing to promote the event, and be a spokesperson of it also. I was the youngest ambassador for The Business Show in history, being only fifteen years old my first time. I’ve been an ambassador again since then.

I started on a very low budget, and anyone can; I want to help you create the best and most successful online marketing campaign I can. That, is my mission.


  • I worked as the Managing Director and CMO of fast growing social media marketing company, XtremeSocial. During my time there I vastly expanded and developed my knowledge of social media and internet marketing.
  • In 2014, I started BuySellJobs, a competitor to Fiverr offering a larger variation in pricing. I started and grew this site from scratch, and have since sold it to a large Indian investment company.
  • I worked hand in hand with Prysm Marketing to promote Europe’s largest business event, The Business Show. I was granted the role of ambassador, and am the youngest ambassador of the show in history.
  • I worked with Control Risks in 2015 on the cyber security department, learning and working on internet and cyber security. This helped me develop my skills in making the websites I create as secure as possible.

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