Hi, I’m Karl Swanepoel 👋

I’m a tech entrepreneur based in the UK.

My main focus is Revolancer, a company I founded that connects ambitious businesses with skilled freelancers.

I won the annual 2021 InvEnterPrize startup competition, securing a seed grant for Revolancer. As a part of this, I also won an Engineers in Business Fellowship funded grant. As a result of this, I received press coverage on the competition and Revolancer.

I’m also involved in a couple of projects including Leapinto, a career service with a twist for young people.

I studied Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at Aberystwyth University in Wales. My final project was titled ‘Using AI to track and predict sentiment in reader responses to news articles’, which posed a very interesting challenge but resulted in an autonomous system that has now collected and processed hundreds of thousands of articles and comments. I’m currently working on exploring this further.