Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

August 2, 2020 - Published by

Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport is a fantastic book I can highly recommend.

In it, Newport discusses the impacts of mindless technology usage in the modern world, and how in many ways it harms our personal lives and relationships – ranging from the gambling mechanics of the attention economy all the way to how replacing in person conversations with digital messages can lead to harmful effects on our interpersonal relationships, without us knowing this.

I left social media before reading this book for the first time, so I had already implemented many-all of the suggestions by the book in a moderately extreme manner (i.e. leaving social media entirely instead of simply deleting the apps from my smartphone but still checking it occasionally on the computer), however I still found it very informative and useful.

The same author also published a book called Deep Work, which is about digital minimalism in your professional life, which I intend on reading soon.


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