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July 20, 2020 - Published by

Zoom is a video conferencing service that’s gained massive popularity over the past few months due to the COVID-19 lock-downs and social distancing around the world, and has been mandated by many Universities, Schools and Workplaces, and used by individuals for personal calls.

However, there is a much more sinister side to Zoom…

A recent report by The Guardian, has the following to say about zoom:

“A number of security flaws affecting Zoom have been reported in the past and as recently as this week. In 2019, it was revealed Zoom had quietly installed a hidden web server on user devices that could allow the user to be added to a call without their permission. And a bug discovered this week would enable hackers to take over a Zoom user’s Mac, including tapping into the webcam and hacking the microphone.”

“Zoom has falsely advertised itself as using end-to-end encryption, a system that secures communication so that it can only be read by the users involved, a report from the Intercept found. Zoom confirmed in a blogpost on Wednesday that end-to-end encryption was not currently possible on the platform and apologized for the “confusion” it caused by “incorrectly” suggesting the opposite.”

“Let’s make this simple,” he said. “Zoom is malware.” – Arvind Narayanan, associate computer science professor at Princeton University.

Take a stand against this by refusing to use Zoom, and using a privacy/freedom respecting alternative instead such as Jitsi Meet.


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This post was written by Karl Swanepoel