Freelancing with The Tekpon Podcast


Freelancing makes the world go round. For the majority of people, that is indeed the case!

According to, there are approximately 1.1 billion freelancers in the world and that number will continually grow into the later years.

As Revolancer’s goal is to improve freelancing conditions, we thought we’d share our insights about the future of freelancing with The Tekpon Podcast, specifically on how we plan to change the game for both clients and freelancers.

But first, let’s shine the spotlight on our host, Tekpon.

What is Tekpon?

Tekpon - One-stop platform for all your software needs

Tekpon is a SaaS marketplace changing how people consume and purchase software products and services.

Their team of enthusiastic tech lovers not only helps users boost their lives and businesses with the right software but also saves you time by doing the research for you.

They are a go-to resource for applications and websites where you can find exclusive discounts, truthful software reviews, and industry insights which are all beneficial to choosing the right software.

Awesome stuff, right?

On that note, their expertise has led to such an insightful conversation and we would like to share some of the meaningful takeaways we have below:

Key Takeaways

“If we attract the best freelancers and make their life as easy as possible, then clients get the best experience, too.”

I’ve always been an advocate of giving freelancers the proper avenue to explore and discover solutions to different problems.

That is why Revolancer is free to join. However, they can upgrade to Revolancer Plus for a small monthly fee to access more clients and premium features.


“Build a platform that users love”

Our funding pitches always emphasized a functional and innovative platform.

When a platform is designed with the users in mind, it is more likely to provide a satisfactory experience.

Intuitively, users will be able to find what they are looking for easily, navigate the platform efficiently, and achieve their goals properly.



Like Revolancer, Tekpon moves within the SaaS (Software as a Service) space.

While we give freedom back to freelancers, Tekpon helps you in your software-choosing journey.


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Summary of the Podcast

If you’re short on time, then we’ll catch you up on what happened in the podcast.

  • Tekpon interviewed Karl who is the CEO of Revolancer, a freelancing platform that aims to bring the industry into the 21st century and give freedom back to freelancers.
  • It solves the problem of freelancers struggling to find clients and serve them, especially in a post-pandemic world of remote work.
  • These are the top three features
    • (1) (mini websites that freelancers can set up to showcase their portfolio)
    • (2) No commission fees
    • (3) Allowing communication outside of the platform
  • The platform is free to join for freelancers and they have the option to upgrade to Revolancer Plus for a small monthly fee as this will help them connect with more clients and access premium features
  • Freelancers sign up, list their services, and create a profile. Buyers post a project, and freelancers bid on it and send proposals. Clients can browse the website and find the right freelancer and hire them
  • Outdated practices of existing platforms inspired me to create a better environment for freelancers.
  • We have raised approximately £300,000 in investor funding.
  • In addition, I started freelancing at 14. For instance, I built websites and sold stuff on eBay. In other words, everything to make money online. Although they were short stints, the experience provided good learnings.
  • The best growth tactic for gaining customers is building a platform that users love by listening to their feedback and needs.
  • In conclusion, it is important to take action and learn as you go.