Success and Failure on The Christian Reeve Podcast

Successes and failures are the norms, especially in the freelancing world.

But that’s just the nature of the beast.

It’s an inherent quality that we cannot evade — we only have to learn to deal with it as gracefully as we can.

In fact, The Christian Reeve Podcast helped me share my success and failure in navigating the freelancing and entrepreneurial world.

We talked about a lot of stuff, but I’d like to highlight some points I found impactful or profound:


On handling success and failure…

“Don’t be afraid of failing… it led up to this.”

This” might be an ordinary word to some.

But in this context, it means everything.

This means…


People I worked with…



Everything I went through…

Not being afraid of failing has led us to people I never thought I would meet, to opportunities I never thought I’d have, and to heights I never thought I’d reach.

It goes to show that the world will want to break you a million times, but it’s your persistence to get up a million and one times that truly matter.


“The way that I always approach [challenges] is by learning from the expertise and experiences of other people who have faced challenges like that in the past and overcame them.”

You need to surround yourself with people who are better than you at certain things. It most likely means they have experienced hardships and problems way before you ever had. They have danced with success and failure alike.

As a result, they have come up with solutions to recurring problems. And if you connect, learn, and be mentored by those experts, you can save time by avoiding their mistakes and only doing what works.


“You have to ask yourself what is worse for you: is it worse for you to be stressed or is it worse for you to be bored?”

There’s always a funny meme circulating on LinkedIn saying, “I didn’t want to work a nine to five now I work 24/7.”

From the general perspective, it does seem absurd to throw away the comfort of a routine for an ever-changing schedule where no day is the same.

But I always come back to this question when asked why being an entrepreneur is the right thing for me:

“Is it worse for you to be stressed or is it worse for you to be bored?”

In all honestly, I would rather be stressed while doing something worthwhile instead of being bored doing nothing.


An homage to the amazing podcast host, Christian Reeve.

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