The Startup Founder Journey with Wales in Tech

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The Startup Founder Journey with Wales in Tech

I had the great privilege to share my startup founder story in Wales in Tech Podcast.

It is a fulfilling feeling to finally pursue your dream company as a startup founder.

For most, they took the leap of fate by leaving the usual 9 to 5 workday and transitioning into a 24/7 role as a CEO.

Nevertheless, it will take great planning and effort to turn ideas into reality.



If I had a penny for every time I mentioned Revolancer, I’d be rich by now. (Kidding aside…)

Revolancer is a B2B marketplace platform connecting small businesses with freelancers.

We’re on a mission to give freedom back to freelancers by charging zero commission fees. As a result, this SaaS company monetizes through subscription plans instead of the large 20% commission fees that other companies get.

Founding Revolancer mostly stemmed from the lack of innovation in existing large platforms. The same 20% commission fee cut existed years ago when I started freelancing at age 14, and it was still the same when I reached my 20s.

To do well in the SaaS space, we have to grow very quickly, and the only way that is going to be possible is with external funding.

The company started with a grant secured from Aberystwyth University and has since raised investment, including a 160k venture round led by SFC Capital based in London.


A Day in the Life of a Startup Founder

One thing’s for sure — no two days look the same.

There’s a common saying that CEOs wear many hats and that truly is the case.

A CEO wears many hats

One hat for marketing

Another for sales

This hat for product management

That hat for customer support

And countless other hats

But, that’s the beauty of it.

You get to learn a ton of things in the process.

For example…

A Lesson in Hiring

One philosophy I stick by is to look for people who can see the world differently than most.

That’s exactly the kind of people that you need working in a startup.

It won’t really matter if you have a degree or not, I’m more interested in how you creatively find ways to solve problems and I gauge them by asking:

  1. What is a popular opinion they disagree with and why? (To assess the candidate’s ability to think differently)
  2. Another question is about whether to deliver a non-perfect presentation on time or a perfect presentation late (To assess their problem-solving skills.)

All of these lessons and more can be found in this episode: Revolancer | Insider Stories

Special thanks to the podcast host

Robert Lo Blue is the CEO of Freeholder App, which helps organize rights to manage companies, and Oxmore, a business consultancy firm helping SMEs toward their path to success.

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